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Business runs on communication.

Every day, countless conversations between your employees and customers affect and reflect aspects of your business—in more ways than you realize. Each discussion is overflowing with data about the individuals involved as their voices speak volumes about who they are, how they feel, and what they’ll do next. What if you could collect and understand this data? And turn it into actionable intelligence for your business?

What is VoiceSignals?

Our platform gathers deep people intelligence from the conversations already happening. It combines world-class psychological science with advanced voice analytics to offer rich, real-time insight into individuals’ emotions and personality traits in order to predict their future behaviors. All based on conversations that are already happening. So you can determine and influence their impact on business outcomes.

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Our Guiding Principles

How VoiceSignals Works

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Understand the needs of the customer and employees to find the best path forward. All ideas are considered and every perspective should be thoughtfully considered.

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Look to always understand and find ways to be improving and delivering great tools and products for our customers.

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Provide insight and knowledge that can be used in ways to influence and drive positive business outcomes.

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Our products are developed by experienced psychologists and Artificial Intelligence engineers, are driven by solid psychometric science, and are aligned with the American Psychological Association’s standards for psychological assessment.

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Making the future more reliable for customers. We strive to build tools and insight that removes the ambiguity and aligns to proven factual data that stays consistent over time.

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Built with a growth model in mind. Our products are built with the idea that we can change and pivot in other directions and scale to accommodate our customers needs.

Our wave symbol taken from our logo. Used mainly on our contact us blade.Our wave symbol taken from our logo. Used mainly on our contact us blade.
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