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December 14, 2021
Voice Analytics
Voice Analytics : What does your voice.
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Real-time speech analytics combines Artificial Intelligence and Voice Analytics to generate insights (People Intelligence) from voice data as conversations are happening.

As opposed to historical or post-call analytics, real-time speech analytics can identify opportunities in the moment—revealing actionable insights that can influence ongoing conversations.  

Historical analytics generate insights by analyzing past voice data from conversations that have already occurred. The insights gained can be used to influence future calls—but not live calls in real-time. Being able to act on opportunities in real-time makes a significant difference in winning business, retaining customers, and engaging employees.

For example, real-time speech analytics can be used in a customer support call center to notify agents when a customer is more interested in one option over another. The agent can use this insight in real-time to change the course of the conversation to achieve a better business outcome.

Just imagine being able to recognize the signs of burnout during a call with a direct report and being able to address them in the moment—not after you receive their two-week notice.

Imagine identifying clients with more potential to complete a mortgage application and be approved during the first minute of a call—would that change the way you progress the conversation?

Imagine being able to give every salesperson in your organization on-call coaching and assistance in real-time—would that impact your bottom line?

With real-time speech analytics, you don’t have to imagine.

The benefits of real-time speech analytics:

  • Reduce Churn

Customer churn is the percentage of customers that stop using your organization’s product or service during a time frame. Customers can leave you for various reasons, but the most common often involve their experience with your organization. Real-time speech analytics can reduce churn by improving customer experience. When you can recognize frustration or happiness, disinterest or interest in real-time, you can make adjustments to reduce or increase them accordingly.

  • Increase Sales

Whether inside sales, outside sales, B2B, or B2C—sales are the lifeblood of organizations. Real-time speech analytics can increase sales by offering on-call coaching and assistance to achieve better business outcomes. Opportunities to upsell or cross-sell can be successfully acted upon by detecting interest. And by detecting disinterest or dissatisfaction, problematic areas can be addressed or avoided to benefit the organization.

  • Reduce Cost

Real-time speech analytics reduces cost, whether it is saving your organization from paying compliance-related fees or keeping headcount profitable. Avoiding compliance violations and achieving more with fewer people are just two ways. By generating insights that can positively influence business outcomes, real-time speech analytics improves performance.

As Business Intelligence tools evolve and accurate People Intelligence grows increasingly sophisticated, additional benefits and applications of real-time speech analytics are discovered.

VoiceSignals’ People Intelligence Platform (PIP©) combines real-time speech analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and validated psychological science to gather deep people intelligence from voice data. Our PIP© seamlessly ingests voice data and calculates hundreds of speech parameters in real-time.

Our scientifically trained and validated AI algorithms use speech parameters to show you each speaker’s emotions, sentiments, and personality traits—giving you the people intelligence to achieve better business outcomes for your organization.  

Learn how easy it is to seamlessly integrate our People Intelligence Platform with your business by scheduling a demo today.

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Written by
Ryan Herman
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ryan is a Fintech growth executive, operator, and advisor. Mr. Herman has spent twenty years powering market-shifting ideas by using technology to enhance team productivity, operating practices, and customer experiences—collectively building and commercializing three award-winning fintech companies that served 2+ million customers. Ryan today helps visionaries of disruptive technologies plan, operationalize, and commercialize their products and services, bringing to his work a unique blend of multidisciplinary B2B and B2C experience that helps companies make the most of resources, capital, and time.